Creature Codex: Vampyres

A mythological creature from folklore who feeds off of life essences, usually in the form of blood, as often shown in movies and television. There are different types of vampires within the species, though all as terrifying in their own way. These are just a few, though there are many more.


Danag vampires are creatures born as humans, that live on as humans and dies as humans, unless they taste human blood, after which point they become dangerous and immortal. The myth of danag vampires is Filipino.

Gothic Vampires

Essentially, they are absolutely immortal and immune to most vampire-killing methods. Unless the heart of the vampire is completely destroyed, they will continue to live. Gothic vampires are unable to reproduce, but some can shapeshift. They can sense and manipulate life forces, can read minds and are able to teleport. The shapeshifting ability is rare.

Grim Vampires

These are the vampires that everyone seems to be familiar with. Stakes, beheading, fire, sunlight and holy water can all kill these vampires, and garlic, crucifixes and crosses can repel them. One way to find out what they are is to take a look in the mirror- they have no reflection.

Incubi & Succubi

Demons of the night, incubi and succubi feed on humans while they sleep, known for having sexual relations with them. They rely on demon energy and don’t drink human blood as often as others in their species family.


A Malaysian myth of enchanting female vampires who have the ability to fly. They wear green and have black hair that hangs down to their ankles unless pulled up.


Though they are also known as ghosts, they are types of vampires that have either never fed on blood or lifeforce and have become crazed and out of control.


A vampire-human hybrid, usually male.

Otherside Companion

Usually in the form of a dog, all vampires have Otherside Companions.


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